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Wednesday, 25 May 2016 17:42

Benefits of Installing & Maintaining Your Garage Door Openers

Homeowners in a historic community like Westchester, Putman, Fairfield and Dutchess County should keep in mind the importance of home maintenance.

One type of maintenance that often gets overlooked is garage door maintenance. Take a look at your garage door. What kind of shape is it in? Does it go up and down like it should?
Garage door maintenance is important for:
     •   Ensuring safety 
     •   Boosting convenience 
     •   Avoiding emergencies
We’ve all had one of those mornings, you know, the one where your alarm doesn’t go off and you’re out the door much later than you’d like to be! Can you imagine if you jump in your car, push your trusted garage door opener and nothing happens!! Unexpected circumstances can easily cause a delay to the start of your day. If your garage door is not opening and you can’t get your car out the door, that may require you to reschedule important meetings and daily activities.
There are a number of steps involved in the garage door maintenance and installation process. One of the most important things to check in on is your handy garage door opener! (Imagine life without it?) 
There are three types of garage door openers, each with their own unique benefits.
1) Belt Drive
This opener is the quietest operation system due to its reduced vibration. The belt drive requires an up-front investment, but has fewer moving parts to handle.
2) Chain Drive
This system is the most economical and dependable operation. The downside to the chain drive is that the operation may be a bit noisy.
3) Screw Drive
The screw drive opener is a low maintenance system, with a fairly quiet operation. Its plastic lined tracks reduce noise, and this system contains fewer moving parts. 
One of the main benefits of garage door openers is the control and key pad systems. Most remotes have a ‘one-touch’ button that starts up the system, so it’s simple to use and highly effective.
Installing a wireless keypad is another option to consider, especially if a situation comes up where the remote battery runs out, and you need to gain access to your car or the garage. Some remotes and keypads even have LED lights that alert you of any malfunctions taking place, and for easier maintenance. 
Another important consideration is safety.
When considering installation, purchase an opener that features rolling-code technology where the codes expire after a few seconds. This may sound like a slight inconvenience, but it’s highly beneficial so no intruders can access the code and get into your garage or home. 
Choosing a garage door with sensors is also important, as it can be detected when an object is in the path of the door. This will stop the door when it’s attempting to close.
Other safety tools for garage door openers include:
     •   Manual emergency release
     •   Lights
     •   Motors
     •   Force guard control
     •   Vacation settings
     •   Battery backups
Sure, when it comes down to it, a garage door is just that. It’s a door for your garage. But, when you pair it with the proper opener, it adds the convenience factor, we’ve all come to know and love! 
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