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Wednesday, 24 August 2016 18:05

Garage Door Motor Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your garage door motors will allow the overall system of your garage door running smoothly. Garage door motors (or openers) are a crucial part of the system, as it simply opens the door. Without a garage door motor you won’t have efficient protection for the interior in your home.
If the garage door doesn’t open and close, you can run into some major problems like heat or air conditioning escape, unwanted intruders and other problems. It’s important to contact a professional like the team at Henry Whitaker Garage Doors when installing or repairing your garage door motor in Rockland County, NY. Here are a few things to look for in a garage door motor installer or company.
What is their reputation?
Ask around your area and talk to friends and family to see if they have used this specific company’s business before and if they have had a good experience. Check reviews online and be sure they are from  verifiable sources. 
Where is the business located?
If you’re looking into a garage door maintenance company, check where they are located. A company near a residential area is a good choice because that means they are close to their work and have done jobs for people in your area.
What is their experience level?
As you are talking to the professional, ask them about how long the company has been in business and how long the individual has been in the industry. As you talk to different installers, you’ll be able to get more information about their work experience and their level of professionalism.
Do they offer emergency services?
When dealing with garage door motors, you really never know when to expect a breakdown. Make sure to ask the professional if they offer emergency services. A last minute malfunction may require an emergency fix. Be sure to know all their services offered so you know that you’re getting your dollars’ worth.
Do they offer a service guarantee?
Does this company offer any guarantees? If so, what kind do they provide for installation and repairs? This goes back to talking to friends and family who have used their services before, you want to be sure of what guarantees they may or may not offer.
There is a lot to consider when it comes to finding a company that can install and repair your garage door motors. If you live in Rockland County our professionals here at Whitaker Garage Doors are happy to help with your garage door motor project! We provide our clients with top quality garage door improvement projects at an exceptional value.
Some of our garage door services include:
   •  Sales
   •  Installation
   •  Repair & Service
   •  Maintenance for Doors and Openers
If you think it may be time to install a new garage door motor or renovate your garage door system altogether? Contact us today at Whitaker Garage Doors, our professionals would be happy to help all your garage door needs!

 Henry B. Whitaker Garage Doors are experts in garage door motor maintenance. If you have any questions pertaining to garage door installation and repairs, garage door maintenance, custom residential garage doors and garage door service in Rockland County, NY, Westchester, NY, Dutchess County, NY, and Putnam County, NY, contact Henry B. Whitaker Garage Doors at (914) 962-9873.