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Friday, 23 September 2016 16:03

Garage Door Company Rockland County

September is a special time of the year. Residents of Rockland County continue to enjoy the beautiful end- of- summer weather before the autumn season. We want to open the windows and the doors to let the sunshine in our homes, and that includes our garage door.
What better way to enjoy the outdoor sunshine than introducing to you a garage door screen. Sounds interesting? It sure is! A garage door screen provides residents with a fusion of shade and sun while enjoying the breeze on a warm September day. A garage door screen can help you transform your garage from a lawn mower and vehicle storage unit, to your go-to place for relaxing and unwinding.
How can a garage door screen be used?
A garage door screen is an affordable way to increase the access to the outdoors for your home. We know, especially with kids, that sometimes quiet is hard to find at home. But when you can get away for a moment of solitude, we want to make that happen for you.
With a garage door screen you can:
  • Move the party indoors if rain comes down.
  • Have a guy’s night and make your garage your personal man cave.
  • Arrange in your garage the front porch sitting area that you’ve always wanted.
  • Create the perfect shelter space for garage sales and other outdoor events.
What are the benefits?
Increases space for the family
Like we mentioned before, if you are hosting an outdoor event for friends and family and a sudden rain hits, having a screen for your garage door opening means that you can move the party indoors until the rain stops. 
It helps to maintain privacy: This is especially valuable for the handy man of the house. Sometimes when you are working on outdoor projects, you may want to work in an environment with a little extra privacy. Having a garage door screen provides you with both that privacy while still giving you fresh air. 
It’s secure
This is a great feature especially for if you have small children. A garage door screen can help prevent little ones and pets from wandering outside the play area. It makes things easier and safer, for children to get fresh air and sunlight without the dangers of playing outside.
It improves air quality
Being stuck inside all day can be a drag. A garage door screen will help improve the air quality in your home by allowing more fresh air and sunshine to enter. 
Keeps the insects out
This is probably the best reason to install a garage door screen. It’s a great way to spend time “outside” without inviting little insects and intruders into your home.
If you would like more information on garage door installation as well as additional benefits to garage door screens, contact us today at Whitaker Garage Doors. We would be happy to assist you in all your garage door needs!